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Monday, May 27, 2019
Jahde is escorted into the Grundsau Nu. 16 Versammling by Raatsmann Stan DeLong.PRESS PHOTOS BY LOU WHEELAND Copyright - Lou Wheeland

Jahde predicted more winter

By LOU WHEELAND in Local News

When Jahde and his nephew Lee traveled via raft down the Jordan Creek on Feb. 2, the senior groundhog predicted six more weeks of winter.

With the 6-8 inches of snow that fell in the Lehigh Valley from the afternoon of March 3 into the...

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Chosen Words

By The Press in Opinion


Snow is simply beautiful,

as it comes tumbling down.

It silences the world outside,

and spreads itself around.

Building snowmen was such fun.

It was a joy to me.

Sometimes we’d build a lot of...

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By The Press in Opinion

You might be reading this in the aftermath of another snow day.

On March 3, when serious work began on this piece, forecasters anticipated snow in various accumulations in a storm expected to last mid-afternoon to early morning March 4....