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Tuesday, February 18, 2020
And here they are: Jahde and Lee, ready to forecast the weather for the Lehigh Valley and the rest of the northern hemisphere. Additional photos appear on page A2.PRESS PHOTOS BY LOU WHEELAND Copyright - Lou Wheeland      Photography

Jahde says

By LOU WHEELAND in Local News

Members of the Grundsau Lodsch Nu. 16 Am Jahden (Groundhog Lodge No. 16 on the Jordan) celebrated the annual Pennsylvania German tradition of looking for the groundhog’s shadow.

Jahde and nephew, Lee, traversed the frozen Jordan Creek near...

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Chosen Words

By The Press in Opinion

Coffee is a pleasure drink,

It starts out as a bean;

If you miss your daily dose,

You can become very mean.

For many folks, it’s on their mind

As soon as they awake;

To most of them coffee is