Northwestern Press

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

PUBLIC NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the Lower Macungie Township Board of Commissioners adopted Ordinance 2020-01 at its public meeting held February 6, 2020, which amends Chapter 27 (Zoning) of the Lower Macungie Township Code to provide standards and design guidelines for 5G wireless facilities. Publication of this notice is intended to provide notification of the adoption of Ordinance 2020-01. Any person claiming a right to challenge the validity of Ordinance 2020-01 must bring legal action within thirty (30) days of the publication of the second notice pursuant to Section 10108 of the Municipalities Planning Code. A copy of the full text of Ordinance 2020-01 is available to any interested party for inspection and/or copying at the Lower Macungie Township Municipal Building, 3400 Brookside Road, Macungie, Pennsylvania. Feb. 12, 19