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Wednesday, May 27, 2020


Friday, March 27, 2020 by BERNADETTE SuKLEY Special to The Press in School

According to information provided by Superintendent Jennifer Holman on the school district website, effective March 26, the Grab-n-Go meal program meal pickup days have been changed from daily to Monday and Thursday pickups.

Monday’s pickup day we will provide meals for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Thursday’s pickup day will provide meals for Thursday and Friday.

In addition, all Northwestern Lehigh School District buildings and grounds, including all fields and parking lots, were closed to students and visitors on March 16.

Effective immediately, all activities and events scheduled to take place in school district facilities, as well as all field trips and athletic activities are canceled through April 6.

The school district is moving to online instruction and introduces its approach to help provide a continuity of learning at home during this extended closure.

The Pennsylvania Department of Education has not granted Northwestern Lehigh the ability to teach online using something called Flexible Instruction Days.

This is an extremely complex issue that involves federal and state legislation surrounding equity, access and meeting the needs of all students, Holman explained.

Public school leaders continue to wait for guidance and leadership from the federal and state departments of education regarding this matter.

It is important to note this is not a Northwestern Lehigh only issue. This is a state and national challenge for every public school district.

Northwestern is currently planning and solving issues related to online instruction to take advantage of them, if the state makes online instruction a reality.

They have unveiled Digital Learning Environment (

The website serves as the district’s launchpad and central location for online resources organized by grade level and content area.

Resources can be found here that students can use right away via their assigned or home device.

Also the school district is working with families where Internet access is a barrier to identify solutions to assist them.

“While online instruction will never replace the experience students receive in the classrooms; however, in such adverse times, outside-the-box and creative solutions must be developed to support Northwestern Lehigh students and community through this crisis,” Holman wrote.