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Tuesday, November 19, 2019
Jonathan Jakum Jonathan Jakum

Jakum returning to Heidelberg supervisor’s seat

Friday, November 8, 2019 by Debra Palmieri in Local News

Heidelberg Township voters went to the polls on Tuesday and returned incumbent Supervisor Jonathan Jakum, a Republican, to office for another six-year term.

Jakum received 385 of the total 598 votes cast to garner 64.38 percent of the vote, according to Lehigh County Voter Registration Office.

Democrat challenger Luke Savage, a member of the township planning commission, received 213 votes, 35.62 percent of the vote.

Jakum has been a resident of the township for 11 years.

“Over that time, my appreciation for the open space and rural character of this area has only grown.

“Throughout my previous term as supervisor, unprecedented development continued to encroach upon areas near our municipality.

“Working alongside the other supervisors, we were able to carefully manage the incremental growth that is always inevitable.

“We constantly strive to keep taxes as low as possible, while still supporting such absolute necessities as emergency services and road work.

“I personally believe Heidelberg Township is a great place to live and will always try to do everything in my ability to maintain that for every resident.

Jakum says preserving open space farmland, and the current standard of living, are his top priorities.

Sharon Metzger garnered an unofficial 539 votes on the Democrat side of the ballot to earn a six-year term as Heidelberg auditor.

Lowhill Township incumbent Supervisor George W. “Buddy” Wessner Jr., unchallenged on the Republican ticket for another six-year term in office received an unofficial 336 votes.

Carole J. Dorsch received an unofficial 333 votes on the Republican ticket for a six-year term as auditor.

In Lynn Township, incumbent Supervisor Steve Feinour, a Republican, was unchallenged on the ballot. He garnered an unofficial 687 votes to return for another six-year term on the board.

There were no candidates listed for either the six-year or two-year terms as auditor.

In Washington Township, incumbent Supervisor Josh B. Friebolin, who cross-filed on the Democrat/Republican ticket for another six-year term in office received an unofficial 1,011 votes to return him to the board for a six-year term.

There is no candidate listed for the six-year term as auditor.

Weisenberg Township incumbent Supervisor Richard Bleiler, unchallenged on the Republican ticket, received an unofficial 816 votes.

His present term in office expires on Jan. 1, 2020.

There also is no one seeking a six-year term as auditor.

The situation with the election for Northwestern Lehigh school directors is almost the same as for most supervisors.

There are five candidates seeking election to one of five open seats.

Incumbents John Casciano, Joseph Fatzinger, Willard Dellicker and Todd Leiser all cross-filed on the Democrat and Republican tickets, for a four-year term in office.

Casciano received 2,228 votes for 19.04 percent of the total 11,700 votes cast. Fatzinger garnered 2,334 votes, 19.95 percent of the total vote. Dellicker earned 2,422 votes, 20.70 percent of the vote and Leiser brought in 2,278 votes, 19.47 percent of the vote.

In addition, Rachael Scheffler, who waged a successful write-in campaign during the primary, cross-filed. She received an unofficial 2,438 votes for 20.84 percent of the total vote.