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Sunday, January 26, 2020

lunch menus

Sunday, October 27, 2019 by The Press in School

Thursday, Oct. 24: Elem., M.S., H.S.: Meatball sandwich. Elem., M.S.: Mozzarella sticks, also.

Friday, Oct. 25: Elem., M.S., H.S.: Pizza. M.S.: Mozzarella sticks, also.

Monday, Oct. 28: Elem., M.S., H.S.: Chicken patty sandwich on roll. Elem., M.S.: Pizza, also.

Tuesday, Oct. 29: Elem., M.S., H.S.: Quesadillas. Elem., M.S.: Pizza, also.

Wednesday, Oct. 30: Elem., M.S., H.S.: Mini pancakes, sausage links, hash browns. Elem., M.S.: Pizza, also.

Thursday, Oct. 31: Elem.,M.S., H.S.: Hoagies, snack bag, baked beans. Elem., M.S.: Pizza, also.

Friday, Nov. 1: Elem., M.S., H.S.: Pizza.


Elem., M.S. daily alternate: Yogurt, graham crackers. All meals served with choice of fruit, vegetables and milk.