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Monday, February 24, 2020

Heidelberg firetruck closer to completion

Thursday, September 5, 2019 by Elsa Kerschner in Local News

Goodwill Fire Company Chief Chief Jay Scheffler attended the Aug. 15 meeting of Heidelberg supervisors and reported the chassis for the new truck is ready.

The truck comes piece by piece and will be constructed.

Supervisor Steve Bachman said the emergency management coordinator position remains open.

NOVA responded to 96 percent of calls. For the year, response was 97 percent. Ambulance crew members were on site six days a week. Response time was 11.2 minutes per call.

Roadmaster Kevin Huber said the crew has done a lot of cleanup along the roads. Boxes are being cleaned for drainage. Then the day after a bad rain when equipment was sorely needed, there were multiple breakdowns. Branches that hang low were trimmed, and after Night in the Country, the township will work on the walking trail.

Township Manager Janice Meyers met with an applicant for the position of code inspector.

A budget workshop will precede the Sept. 19 supervisors’ meeting beginning at 7 p.m.

Engineer Chris Noll has the survey of the Hunter’s Hill Road area. It incorporates a light designating the driveway. Property lines have been marked.

The Gene and Lenore Handwerk minor subdivision at Central and Buckery roads leaves a remaining property of 12 acres.

The road has been dedicated along the existing lot but both the old and the new will have to be dedicated. The ultimate 25-foot right of way has to be shown. It received preliminary conditional approval.

The Byram Land Development on Flint Hill Road involves a lot line change for two existing lots, one acre and 3-1/2 acres, each for a single family. They parallel a creek. A garage encroaching on one of the lots has been moved to meet the requirement. The site has to be tested for sewage on the smaller lot. Conditional approval was given.

The salt bid as received by Washington Township is for $69.90 per ton from Eastern Salt Company. Eight townships bid together.

The township wanted to add a battery to the light at Northwest Road for emergencies when electricity is down.

Meyers said the idea was dropped. A grant was requested for approximately $10,000 but she found out the state added other more expensive items to the grants and it became too expensive.