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Friday, November 22, 2019

Early reports come in for ‘Night’

Thursday, September 5, 2019 by Elsa Kerschner in Local News

Kathy Hermany, committee chairwoman for the annual Night in the Country festival gave early reports during the Aug. 28 meeting of the Northwestern Recreation Commission.

She said vendors have 10 days to pay, but most has come in. Many food vendors had long lines. The commission receives 20 percent of the profits.

Security cost $150 more than last year. Nonprofits pay $25 and businesses pay $50. There was discussion about raising these prices. Paid admissions were up by more than 2,000 people over last year.

Parking issues were discussed. There was not as much space at the school due to construction.

Lynn Township representative to the commission Justin Smith suggested it may be possible to use the Old Homestead Golf Club parking lot and shuttle people to the park. The club has 300 spaces. Regardless of the difficulty parking, Hermany said there were no complaints.

Three items — a wallet, credit card and phone — were lost, found and returned.

Eight fire companies participated with the fire police helping with parking.

Hermany said she has received many appreciative notes.

Maintenance worker Jim Hughes said everything was properly clean up.

In July Hannah, Malachi and Faith Smith, and Zach Leith volunteered to paint picnic tables, doors and poles.

Hughes would like to get a new mower so he does not have to switch equipment off and on.

The school mows the open spaces but he does around the infields, concession stand, playground, the potato barn and volleyball courts. He has priced four commercial machines but will get more prices.

Facilities use requests were received from USSSA for May 23-25, June 6-7 and July 12 for the softball fields. It will be checked to be sure the Northwestern Youth Athletic League does not have anything scheduled.

Heritage Baptist Church requested a softball field for Aug. 1.

One Northwestern booster club requested Oct. 17 for its annual bonfire.