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Saturday, July 4, 2020

Heidelberg Twp board deals with various items at meeting

Wednesday, July 10, 2019 by Elsa Kerschner in Local News

Paul McAdams gave the fire company report to begin the June 20 Heidelberg Township supervisors meeting.

He said the fire company has a signed plan for the new part of the firehouse and expect to start building in July.

Truck 1 and truck 2 classes will be held in July and August.

The Northern Valley Ambulance service report said crews responded to 100 percent of calls. They were not on site for seven days but did have coverage 8.4 hours a day for May.

Zoning Officer Dawn Didra reported she was waiting for articles from community groups so she could complete the township newsletter.

A letter from Codemaster said it is terminating their contract.

Administrator and Secretary Janice Meyers requested permission to ask other municipalities about the firms or individuals who provide that service so she can find if they are interested in working for Heidelberg.

Codemaster will help with the transition.

Meyers and Didra watched a webinar about using agricultural strategies to meet MS4 requirements and Meyers suggested that Didra be designated as floodplain manager.

A manager is a Federal Emergency Management Agency and National Flood Insurance Program requirement.

Chris Noll, engineer, said MS4 will be a month late.

“It’s like trying to hit a moving target,” he said of the changes that keep coming from state.

Checking discharge from exceptional value wetlands, little tributaries and swales that empty into water bodies must be added. He said they do not get credit for agricultural fields and may need grassland swales.

The Northwestern Recreation Commission received insurance payment for damage done at the community park.

Roadmaster Kevin Huber reported the crew finished work on dirt roads but with all the rain holes have opened up again.

He has received only 4,300 of a requested 5,500 gallons of material to spray the roads.

The backhoe might have a blown head gasket. He is watching it. Oil and chipping will begin soon.

The unlicensed car at Heidelberg Heights has been licensed and inspected, Didra said.

Harter Road is up for vacating but Supervisor David Fink said there were others that had been discussed for vacating.

Bachman said Harter gets quite a bit of use. Landowners without properties on the road would not get notice.

Adam Geiger, Dogwood Drive applied to have 54.17 acres added to the agricultural security area. It will be tabled for 180 days at which time it is automatically approved.

Sue Sutermeister said the land where a committee wanted to build a pool and recreation center has been sold. They are looking elsewhere.

She thanked supervisors for the letter of support for a grant for project planning.