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Monday, January 27, 2020

Board to vote on proposed final budget

Wednesday, June 5, 2019 by Elsa Kerschner in Local News

The Northwestern Lehigh School Board general fund and its supporting tax levies were approved with a .3735 mill increase at the May 15 meeting.

Tax levies are real estate, 16,6138 mills; earned income tax one-half of 1 percent; real estate transfer tax divided among the four townships and a local services tax of $10.

Budget expenditures are $46,805,650.

Successful and enjoyable is the way board President Bill Dellicker described a meet-and-greet at Glasbern Inn, sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce and Air Products.

The presentation allowed district representatives to see what is happening in Weisenberg Township regarding businesses.

Work is being done on the Master Facilities Plan and textbooks that were available for viewing on the district website were approved for purchase.

A homeless policy scheduled to be moved for second reading bothers Dellicker.

He said it is a law regardless of the circumstances and there could come a time when the district has illegal aliens.

Superintendent Jennifer Holman said the policy follows federal requirements to remove barriers. There are hardship policies covering the issue.

Dellicker said it is just the way things are now.

Member Todd Leiser asked about insurance and health for these children.

Holman said it would be covered by the district policies.

Business Manager Leslie Frisbie said a supplemental insurance policy could be used.

Dellicker said he attended commencement at Lehigh Carbon Community College, Schnecksville.

There are five finalists in a contest to design a mural for a wall.

Camille Stanley of New Tripoli was one of them.

Board member Todd Hernandez said the four townships will do a lot of the work on the walking trail in the community park after Night in the Country.

School district Police Chief Brian Tobin said he was pleased to see how good his officers and the students got along.

Change orders were issued for the high school modernization, electrical upgrades and the stadium project.

An agreement to participate in the Technology in Education Legal Counsel Consortium was approved. The fee will be around $599 depending on how many schools participate.

The joint fuel bid came in with a savings of $114,000. It is for 100,000 gallons of heating oil and 75,000 gallons of ultra low sulfur diesel.

There were minor questions about renewing membership in the Pennsylvania School Boards Association. Dues are $14,555.

Although the district does not necessarily follow every issue the association gives information on, the vote was for renewal.

Under staff comments John Casiano attended “Madagasgar Jr.” and said it was wonderfully performed with everyone in the right place when he/she was needed to be.