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Friday, June 5, 2020
Kamryn Fink cuts the cords off vacuum cleaners at this year’s Cleansweep.FILE PHOTO Kamryn Fink cuts the cords off vacuum cleaners at this year’s Cleansweep.FILE PHOTO

Letter to the Editor

Thursday, May 30, 2019 by The Press in Opinion

RPA thanks volunteers for help at Cleansweep

To the Editor:

On April 13, the Rural Preservation Association held its 23rd annual Cleansweep for the four Northwestern Lehigh townships. Though it is always a day of hard work, friends and neighbors coming together in community participation never fails to make it enjoyable.

Lowhill Township again generously donated the use of its facilities, and the township crew assisted in preparing for the event by coordinating placement of the containers at the township site.

Many RPA members volunteered for the morning, as did several young people sent from Lehigh County Juvenile Probation.

Everyone working together made the event go smoothly.

This year, Cleansweep collected 2.45 tons of trash, 224 feet of fluorescent tubes, 21 compact fluorescents, 116 pounds of alkaline batteries, 3,200 pounds of scrap metals, 1,780 pounds of white goods, 15 bicycles and one scooter, 6,181 pounds of electronics, including 48 TVs and 29 monitors, 100 gallons of used oils, one van load of household goods, one tractor trailer load of tires, and 15 assorted small tires.

The RPA extends heartfelt thanks to the following participants who made the day a success: Generous local businesses Berger Sanitation, Schneider and Sons, Geocycle, Blue Mountain Equipment, Batteries Plus Bulbs, Earth First, Snyder’s Second Chances, Goodwill, Heidel Hollow Farm, Tom and Mike and helpers, Lowhill Township and road crew, the group from Juvenile Probation, and all the RPA members who assisted with everything from refreshments to donation collecting.

With proceeds after expenses were covered, the RPA was pleased to offer Northwestern Lehigh graduates Riley Nyce and Kelci Knirnschild each a $2,000 scholarship, as they pursue careers related to Environmental Sciences.

To everyone who participated from the community with diligent recycling and generous donations, thank you for being a part of Cleansweep.

Nancy Jakum secretary RPA-NLC