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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Born or unborn: Made in God’s image

Wednesday, March 20, 2019 by The Press in Opinion

To the Editor:

I was appalled to recently see Hillary Clinton and the New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo celebrating the Pro Choice Law passed by the New York state Legislature permitting abortion to take place on babies from the time of conception to and including full-term births.

Children are a gift from God who are made in this His image. They each have their own DNA.

Is there no value to life anymore?

The abortion industry is making millions of dollars to kill innocent children and then selling their body parts. Our tax dollars support this industry, unfortunately.

Women do have choices. They can protect themselves in many ways from getting pregnant or they can offer their infants for adoption.

My husband and I waited many years to adopt two precious children who are very intelligent and are contributing greatly to society. Their mothers unselfishly chose to give life to our children.

I have had the opportunity in the past to do ultrasounds on girls who suspected they might be pregnant. At 21 days after conception the little heart begins to beat and at seven weeks the little arms and legs begin to wave and wiggle. What a joy to see!

Have you ever held a newborn baby? Can you imagine the abortionist injecting them with a drug to stop their heart from beating just for the convenience of the mother or for the selling of their body parts!

I have also worked with Down syndrome children and they each have a special gift to give this world and are very loving and kind.

Where are the churches and pastors? Are they afraid to defend these babies? Are they fearful of offending people in their congregation or the political backlash? What would Jesus do?

Remember the Holocaust and Nazi Germany. The people and churches knew what Hitler was doing but they were silent while millions of Jews and the handicapped were murdered.

Who speaks for these precious infants? When will we as a nation wake up and defend those who cannot speak for themselves?

God will not let this nation’s Holocaust go on forever!

Sandy Fickert