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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Principals explain student achievement

Thursday, February 7, 2019 by Elsa Kerschner in Local News

Weisenberg Elementary Principal Jill Berlet, and Northwestern Elementary Principal Maria Pulli presented information about student performance in their schools during the January school board meeting.

School performance was also given for area school districts for the purpose of comparison.

The information was offered as a resource for schools to communicate performance results and assist schools in focusing resources for continuous improvement.

Weisenberg had a score of 82.3 and Northwestern had a score of 75.9.

A future ready index highlights how schools are performing and making progress on multiple indicators.

The index also measures student growth and career awareness beginning at the elementary level and indicates student success after graduation.

At Weisenberg, all students meet the 2030 statewide goal in English language arts and literature, academic growth expectations, meeting 2030 goals and the standard demonstrating growth.

The school exceeds the standard in attendance and exceeds performance standards in college and career preparation measures.

Northwestern Elementary met the interim goal in English language arts and literature and exceeded the standard demonstrating growth.

The school met proficiency interim goal target expectations in math, exceeded the standard academic growth expectations attendance expectations and is prepared for four-year graduation.

English language exceeded the state proficiency standard which was 63.5.

Weisenberg had 90.9 and for Northwestern it was 66.7 for third grade. Fourth grades were 84.2 and 66.2 with the state at 59.8. For grade five, the state proficiency level was 59.4 with 82.1 and 72.7 for the schools.

Math proficiency was 54.1 in the state with Weisenberg at 79.2 and Northwestern at 68.1 in third grade; 43.5 for the state in grade four and 73.7 and 63.4 for the schools. The state had 45.2 for grade 5 and 76.1 and 55.7 for the schools.

Science proficiency for grade four was 93.4 for Weisenberg and 89.6 for Northwestern with 75.5 for the state. Both schools exceeded growth standards.

Weisenberg students with disabilities or economically disadvantaged met or exceeded the statewide growth score.

In English those students met or exceeded the interim target, in math they showed an increase in performance from the previous year and met or exceeded the interim target.

Northwestern students were proficient above the state average in English, math and science. Students with disabilities or economically disadvantaged met interim goals or showed an increase in performance in English, math and science.

Areas for growth are in math for all subgroups, special education instruction and programming and assessment practices and reporting.

Actions being taken include professional development training opportunities and collaboration, increased data collection in math, data discussion to identify trends and instructional needs and to design instruction based on developmentally appropriate practices.