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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

A Pennsylvania Dutch New Year’s Wish

Thursday, January 10, 2019 by The Press in Opinion

En Glee Bissell des un Sell

Ich winsh dier un dein’ra Fraw; Boova un Techter un all dee os in dei ‘m

House nei un rous gehna, en Glick-sealiches Neies Yohr.

Gott sull eich dess gewwa; ich huff’s werrt wohr.

Mier winsha eich feel gute Glick, un all Um-glick weit tzurick. Weil now des Nei Yohr kumm’t rei, in nawma Yeasus Chrisht.

Dess Alt Yohr is now fer-bei; wos now aw-fongt is yoh gons nei.

Mier leava un mier wolda, fom Neia biss tzu’m Alta. Darrich feel Ongsht un

Druvvel; darrich Tzittera un darrich Farricht. Darrich Grieg un grossa Schrecka; dess dutt de gons Welt be-decka.

Un noch weiter winsha mier eich en Glick-Sealiches Neies Yohr; so os Gott eier gons Hartz be-wohr. Fon feier un fon Wosser node; fon Gronk-heit un fon Shneller Dode.

Es hut uns wohr-lich, O herr un Gott, dess fer-gongna Yohr be-kumma

kennafeel Ongsht un Node. Doch hut Er alles, gnade-lich, fon uns k’holta doarrich Sei ‘m Ge-gode.

Un weiter winsha mier eich en hoach ge-loabtes Neies Yohr; biss ehr be-kummt groha Hoar.

Un os her, werrt Alt, un Gottes Weaga halt. Himmel’s Freeda un Gottes Seaga; bleibt bei eich alla-weaga.

Biss eier Sale, mitt da tzeit, tzum Himmel kumm’t, in dee Aewich-keit. Noh bleibt ehr wuh ehr seit; dart in da aewich Sealich-keit.

Der Harr, dar halt iwwer eich, seina Hond; un seagna aw eier House un Lond.

Un Gott gebbt eich eier teachlich Brode, un er-holt eich ous aller Node.

So wulla mier, all-tzu-gleich, O heachter Gott im Himmel Reich, Dich loava on demm Neia Yohr, un so sull es alfert sei; do huff der Ardt in dahrra tzeit, un in der aewichie Sealich-keit.

Un weiter winsha mier eich en Glick-gealiches Neies Yohr. Gottes Freeda winsha mier eich, now, un aw im Himmel Reich.

All dee sacha soll Gott gewwa; dier, un all os on Ehn glawva. Tzu eich, un

all dee guta Leit; darrich des Yohr, fon tzeit tzu tzeit.

Now will ich eich hartzlich Loave, un eich fer-shtannich Froaga, eb dess

Sheesa un dess Krocha, eich fer-dresst, odder machr eich lacha.

Mier sinn fremm doh har kumma; fer dess Nei Yohr mitt eich aw-fonga. Ich huff es dutt eich nat fer-shrecka; mier duna eich so free uff-wecka.

Dee Flinta henn mier in da Hond, Un dee Hawna sinn shun g’shponn’t.

Now won’s Blitzt un mechtich Grocht, Kumm’st Nei Yohr, on Mitta-nocht.

A Little Bit of This and That

I wish you and your wife, boys and daughters and all those who go in and out of your house, a successful and blessed New Year.

God should give you this; I know these words are true. We wish you much good luck, and that all misfortune be in the past because now this new year comes in, in the name of Jesus Christ. The old year is now past; what begins now is all new.

We live in our world, from new until old; through fear and trouble; through trembling and fright; through war and great terror.

This covers the whole world. And yet more we wish you much good fortune; so that God inhabits your heart and keeps you from fire and from famine; from disease today and from rapid death.

O Lord and God, this past year we truly came to understand fear and need. Anyway, He graciously kept us through it all by His goodness.

And further we wish you a new year with praises until you get gray hair. You should grow old, and hold God’s way. Heaven’s joy and God’s blessing stay with you in all ways until your soul’s number in time, you come to heaven in eternity.

Then you stay there for the time, there in the soul’s salvation.

The Lord holds His Hand over you; and oversees your house and land, and God gives each of you daily bread, and gives you whatever you need.

So we, all alike O high God in the kingdom of Heaven, want to have your love on this new year, and this is how it always should be; here on earth in this time, and in salvation for eternity.

And furthermore, we wish you a successful new year. We wish you joy now, and also in the kingdom of heaven.

All these things God should give; yourself and all who believe in

Him — to you, and all the good people; through this year, from time to time.

Now, I want to with affectionate love ask for your understanding before the shooting and noise-making at your request to make you laugh.

We came here as strangers to start this new year with you. I hope it does not scare you that we wake you up so early. We have the gun in the hand, and the roosters are already spunky.

Now, with lightning and strong, loud cracks of thunder, new year comes at midnight.


Editor’s note: English translation by Mary Bittner Henry.