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Monday, January 27, 2020

State seeks bids for state hospital campus demolition

Wednesday, December 19, 2018 by The Press in Local News

Pennsylvania Department of General Services is seeking bids for the demolition of the Allentown State Hospital Campus.

The demolition would reduce the $2.2 million in annual carrying costs spent by the Department of Human Services to secure and maintain the property in its current state.

The demolition would cover all buildings on the Allentown State Hospital Campus and return the property to green space.

The project scope also includes a provision for historic items to be removed from the property before demolition.

Documentation of the historic campus will also be undertaken before demolition.

“Our plans to move ahead with the demolition of the Allentown State Hospital present us with the most viable option to get this property off the state’s inventory and back onto the local tax rolls where it can benefit the economy,” Curt Topper, secretary with Pennsylvania DGS said. “We also understand the historic significance of the property, which is why we are working with the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission to ensure items from the campus will be collected for historic preservation.”

The property, which consists of 195-acres of land containing approximately 35 structures totaling nearly 600,000 gross square feet, has sat vacant since the Department of Human Services closed it in December 2010.

Many of the hospital’s structures are functionally obsolete.

Due to the extensive costs that would be incurred to retrofit them for current use, it has been determined demolishing the buildings and returning the land to a green space represents the best approach to facilitate selling the land.

The notice of upcoming procurement can be viewed on PA eMarketplace.