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Wednesday, July 8, 2020
PRESS PHOTO BY NANCY SCHOLZKicker Connor de Wit was the only Northwestern player named to the All-Colonial League First Team. PRESS PHOTO BY NANCY SCHOLZKicker Connor de Wit was the only Northwestern player named to the All-Colonial League First Team.
PRESS PHOTO BY NANCY SCHOLZDerek Holmes earned a spot on this year’s All-Colonial League First Team defense. PRESS PHOTO BY NANCY SCHOLZDerek Holmes earned a spot on this year’s All-Colonial League First Team defense.

Holmes, de Wit make first team

Friday, November 23, 2018 by CHUCK HIXSON Special to the Press in Sports

Northwestern Lehigh finished the season 2018 high school football 9-3 overall and played in the District 11 semifinals, but placed only one player on the Colonial League First Team All-Stars list on offense and one on defense.

Senior kicker Connor de Wit was named to the offensive first team and fellow senior Derek Holmes was selected as a defensive end on the first team.

On the season, de Wit hit on 53 of 56 extra points and converted two of his four field goal attempts. Holmes had 15 solo tackles and four sacks, while assisting on 24 other tackles this season.

Offensive tackle Hayden Bobbyn (senior), guard Connor Snyder (junior), wide receiver Justin Rodda (sophomore) and running back Nick Henry (sophomore) joined Holmes on the offensive second team, with Holmes being selected as the second team tight end. The second team defensive unit included linemen Bobbyn and Snyder, linebacker Henry and defensive back Ryan Hess (senior).

Receiving honorable mentions were center Derek Habelka (junior), quarterback Deven Bollinger (junior) and specialist Tyler Lobach (senior) from the Tigers offense. The Tiger defense was represented on the list of honorable mentions by defensive end Lobach, outside linebacker Tyler Slifer (senior) and defensive back Rodda.


First Team

Center - Liam Britt (Sr., Palisades); Guards - Jared Harka (Sr., Saucon Valley), Seth Diorio (Sr., Bangor); Tackles - Tim Weaver* (Sr., Saucon Valley), Ben Scoggin (Sr., Palisades); Tight end - Patrick Morrissey (Sr., Saucon Valley); Wide receivers - Isaiah DeJesus (Sr., Notre Dame), Daulton Musselman (Sr., Southern Lehigh); Quarterback - Cole DeFranco (Sr., Notre Dame); Running backs - Trey Gretzinger (Sr., Palisades), Ian Csicsek (Sr., Saucon Valley); Specialists - Ethan Brader (Sr., Palisades), Jordan Nelson (Jr., Palmerton); Kicker - Connor deWit (Sr., Northwestern).

Second Team

Center - David Osman (So., Saucon Valley); Guards - Kyle Oechsle (Sr., Palisades), Connor Snyder (Jr., Northwestern); Tackles - Hayden Bobbyn (Sr., Northwestern), David Langdon (Sr., Bangor); Tight end - Derek Holmes (Sr., Northwestern); Wide receivers - Justin Rodda (So., Northwestern), Ethan Aquino (Sr., Notre Dame); Quarterback - Logan Edmond (Sr., Southern Lehigh); Running backs - Nick Henry (So., Northwestern), Garrett DeBoer (Sr., Bangor); Specialist - Aaron Stasko (Sr., Palmerton); Kicker - Eric Lobb (Sr., Pen Argyl).

Honorable Mention

Center - Derek Hebelka (Jr., Northwestern); Guards - Riley Craft (Jr., Southern Lehigh), Evan Deily (Jr., Saucon Valley); Tackles - Josh Hopper (Sr., Bangor), Brian McNally (Sr., Palisades); Tight end - David Sanders Jr. (Sr., Notre Dame); Wide receivers - Trey Travis (Sr., Southern Lehigh), Ryan Holub (Sr., Saucon Valley); Quarterback - Deven Bollinger (Jr., Northwestern); Running backs - Joey Schrader (Sr., Bangor), Timmy Buda (Jr., Salisbury); Specialist - Tyler Lobach (Sr., Northwestern); Kicker - Dan Muth (Sr., Palisades).


First Team

Defensive line - Tim Weaver (Sr., Saucon Valley), Ben Scoggin (Sr., Palisades); Defensive ends - Patrick Morrissey (Sr., Saucon Valley), Derek Holmes (Sr., Northwestern); Inside linebackers - Christian Alling (Sr., Saucon Valley), Seth Diorio (Sr., Bangor), Alex Knecht (Sr., Southern Lehigh); Outside linebackers - Aaron Stasko (Sr., Palmerton), Adam Marsh (Sr., Palisades), Ian Csicsek (Sr., Saucon Valley); Defensive backs - Ethan Brader (Sr., Palisades), Trey Gretzinger (Sr., Palisades), Daulton Mussleman (Sr., Southern Lehigh), Logan Edmonds (Sr., Southern Lehigh); Punter - Patrick Morrissey (Sr., Saucon Valley)

Second Team

Defensive line - Jared Harka (Sr., Saucon Valley), Hayden Bobby (Sr., Northwestern), David Langdon (Sr., Bangor); Defensive ends - Connor Snyder (Jr., Northwestern), Quinn Schmidt (Sr., Southern Lehigh); Inside linebackers - Joey Schrader (Sr., Bangor), Jordan Nelson (Jr., Palmerton); Outside linebackers - Alex Snyder (Jr., Wilson), Nick Henry (So., Northwestern), Isaiah DeJesus (Sr., Notre Dame); Defensive backs - Ethan Aquino (Sr., Notre Dame), Tadd Barr (Sr., Pen Argyl), Ryan Hess (Sr., Northwestern), Ryan Holub (Sr., Saucon Valley); Punter - Jordan Nelson (Jr., Palmerton).

Honorable Mention

Defensive line - Eric Vingom (Jr., Southern Lehigh), Carson Gardner (Jr., Palmerton), Riley Craft (Jr., Southern Lehigh); Defensive ends - Kolby Flank (Jr., Wilson), Liam Britt (Sr., Palisades), Tyler Lobach (Sr., Northwestern), RJ Smith (Sr., Palisades); Outside linebackers - Tyler Slifer (Sr., Northwestern), Shemar Petrie (Sr., Bangor), Justin Koser (Sr., Bangor); Defensive backs - Wilquon Clemons (Sr., Catasauqua), Cody Waterhouse (Sr., Palmerton), Timmy Buda (Jr., Salisbury), Justin Rodda (So., Northwestern); Punter - Daulton Musselman (Sr., Southern Lehigh).

* Denotes unanimous selection