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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

NWL begins cops on campus

Thursday, June 28, 2018 by Elsa Kerschner in Local News

Northwestern Lehigh School District will soon have its own police force to enforce the safety of students.

The school board approved hiring Chief Brian Tobin, who said he has some ideas for safety. Other officers will be hired to assist the new chief.

Joshua Ziatyk was hired as assistant superintendent effective July 23. His salary will be prorated at $125,000. He was a teacher and assistant principal at Brandywine Heights School District.

“I just look forward to working with the administration, staff and community to create options and opportunities for students,” he said.

“We need a collaborative culture depending on the greatest development possible for all our students.”

Maria Pulli, principal at Northwestern Elementary, and Andrea Madochick, food service supervisor, received raises to bring their compensation equal to that in other districts.

Business Administrator Leslie Frisbie had her contract renewed.

Approval was given by directors to apply for a Safe Schools grant to pay for a police officer and equipment.

Among the policies approved is one for suicide awareness, prevention and response.

Middle School Principal David Dovico gave what he called an Update on the Journey.

The story began in 2017 celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Northwestern Lehigh Middle School. He sees enrollment declining.

“It is a much different world today,” he said.

We made a steering committee of parents and staff. We did exercises of what to keep and what to stop and what can be done better.

“A Blue Sky program imagined what the school would look like in another 25 years.

“We want to develop the whole child and are going back to “‘Are we doing what we planned?’”

He said task forces have been formed on basic topics such as how time is being used, what it is being using for, how space is being used, staffing, the programs being used and how often things may need to be added.

“We add data points with Study Island and PSSA scores,” Dovico said. “We look at the role of homework and attitudes. We took a comprehensive look at what should be changed, updated or left the same.

“Everyone on the task forces visited other schools to find best practices.

Task forces reported short and long term recommendations. It is a plan to lead us into the future.”

Leann Stitzel, director of curriculum and technology, said they are working diligently to implement full-day kindergarten.

She is meeting with kindergarten teachers and visited other schools with full-day kindergarten asking what they would have done differently.

“We have a vision and goals to focus on the whole child,” Stitzel said. “Appropriate training is being received. Mindfulness is considered important because it teaches children to be more aware.”

She said Parkland was a help with purposeful play and how to implement it because it has just gone through developing the full-day program.

A writing program will be monitored throughout the year.

“Teachers are very excited,” she concluded.

Lunch prices will remain the same as in 2017-2018.

A settlement was reached with Gordon H. Baver Inc. related to needed gym floor repairs as part of the modernization project in the amount of $12,500.

Johnson Controls Fire Protection LP will inspect the fire systems. There will be semiannual inspections of the kitchen hoods in the three kitchens at an annual cost of $11,774 until 2021.

Biohazard containers for medical waste will cost $65 per container to be picked up. C.M. Eichenlaub will perform inspection of the bleachers district wide for $4,773.

A bid request will be advertised for electrical work necessary for the new phone system.

The final budget was passed with a 1.7-percent tax increase. Expenditures are $47,256,640. The Homestead/Farmstead resolution was passed for 2018-19.

Membership in the Pennsylvania School Boards Association was approved at $13,818 for 2018-19. Indoor twirlers will travel to Notre Dame University at South Bend, Ind., if enough money is raised.

Iron Lakes Country Club will host the 2019 prom May 26, 2019, at a cost not to exceed $10,000.

Lehigh Career and Technical School had a signing ceremony for students continuing their education.

The event was similar to that done by sports in past years.