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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Prom goers search for style and comfort

Thursday, May 31, 2018 by Anna gilgoff Special to The Press in Local News

According to a prom survey conducted by Yahoo, this year teenagers will be spending more than $500 on their prom, with a major part of that cost going to the purchase of the perfect prom dress.

So, it’s no surprise that many teens agonize over finding a style that they love.

Many students searched on line for their dream wear.

“I tried on maybe two dresses at the mall,” said Jessica Parker, but in the end, she bought her red and gold off the shoulder dress of stretch polyester on line.

Originally, Morgan Moss also bought a red dress, but when it didn’t fit the way she liked, she kept looking.

“I actually got it on line,” said Moss. “At first, I was a little worried about it, but I knew what I wanted.”

Moss said her dress was “kind of Cinderella-esque. It‘s poufy and blue with a sweetheart neck.”

Although she paired the dress with tan heels, she said, “I think I might bring my Crocs just to be on the safe side.”

Connie Dazzo got her dress from a bridal shop.

“It actually was the first dress I tried on and I fell in love with it instantly,” she said.

“It’s a hot pink fuchsia dress, poufy on the bottom with a printed corset top and a sweetheart neckline.”

Ian Remaly bought her dress, “kind of polyester and spandex,” at Windsor, in the mall.

“It feels like a superhero kind of dress,” she said describing her red gown that bares one of her shoulders.

“Everyone wanted to look like a princess, but I wanted to look like a superhero,” said Remaly. “I wanted to wear high boots, but I ended getting 4-inch heels, knowing that I’m going to die in them.”

The gentlemen found choosing style to be less daunting.

Tanner Klotz settled on a black classic tuxedo with white bow tie from C.E. Roth.

Ahead of the event, C.E. Roth offered free tuxedos for several students willing to sport them during the school day.

Jacob Crawford, Brighton Alley, Jackson Bernhard and Isaac Bredbenner were lucky enough to win the offer.