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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Washington to improve roadways

Thursday, May 17, 2018 by Elsa Kerschner in Local News

Washington Township supervisors, at their May 1 meeting, announced the list of roads to be worked on this season.

They are County Bridge Road, Furnace Road, Ventura Drive, Maple Tree Lane, Windy Ridge Road, Javalyn Court, Eagle Circle, Old Mill Road and Bruce Lane. They will be advertised.

Sherry Graver, emergency management coordinator, said she has been attending the county hazard mitigation meetings for Lehigh and Northampton municipalities.

Any municipality that does not send a representative will have a difficult time getting any funding from the state for emergencies. Plans are to be updated though she said some intend to remain with their old plan. A completion date is set for October.

Graver said she is going to join with the Gathering and have a Safety Day event to see if more attendance can be generated for both groups.

On June 2 St. Luke’s Hospice charity bike ride on the Delaware and Lehigh Trail will be held from Lehighton to Treichlers and back, or whatever portion a person wants to complete.

Robert Schramel thanked Roadmaster Tony Dengler for help during a barn fire. He asked the township for help for the Slatedale playground.

He asked about the burning ordinance as the weather is getting hot and there is more danger of wildfires. Supervisor Josh Friebolin said it is being reviewed and will be re-advertised. Schramel asked about the temporary no burning signs that are posted when there is a high risk. Friebolin said they follow the county plan about posting the signs. Slatington Library sent a thank-you note for the $3,000 donation it received.

Ed Ziegler mentioned the poor condition of the veterans’ memorial at the Emerald Fire Company. Friebolin said that is the fire company’s problem, not the township.

Ziegler said there had been a program honoring veterans at Lehigh Carbon Community College and he was the only area veteran there.