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Monday, February 18, 2019
PHOTO COURTESY OF NATEESA BENTONNorthwestern Lehigh graduate Brooke Wehr is having a stellar freshman season in Bethlehem. PHOTO COURTESY OF NATEESA BENTONNorthwestern Lehigh graduate Brooke Wehr is having a stellar freshman season in Bethlehem.

Wehr has success in first college season

Thursday, April 26, 2018 by TODD KRESs in Sports

Brooke Wehr has certainly put in the time and hard work. From high school softball at Northwestern, to tournament play in the offseason and plenty of training in between, Wehr had certainly prepared herself well for the collegiate ranks.

But even she couldn’t have expected to get off to as fast of a start as she has at Moravian.

“My first season as a Moravian Greyhound softball player has definitely been more than I expected, all in positive ways,” Wehr said. “I knew Moravian was a great fit for me from the beginning. I am fortunate enough to be able to focus on my academics as well as my athletics.”

Wehr hasn’t just made an impact in her freshman season at Moravian, she has become an instantaneous leader for the Greyhounds. She leads the team in RBIs (31), runs scored (39), hits (40) and home runs (8) while currently ranking third on the team in batting average at .388.

And it’s not as if she’s doing it on a mediocre team. The Greyhounds are 10-0 in the Landmark Conference and 26-4 overall. Moravian won 24 straight games before a 2-1 loss to Stevens Institute of Technology on Tuesday in the second game of a doubleheader.

“I knew coming in that there were going to be differences from high school and tournament softball,” Wehr said. “When you get to college you have a whole team who can play the game just as well as you can. Pitchers aren’t going to make mistakes like in high school. They are confident in what they are throwing and are confident that they will get you out. It’s a constant battle.”

While opposing teams haven’t made mistakes against her, Wehr has limited her miscues as well. One thing she prides herself on more than anything is perfecting her craft and never settling for anything less than her best.

“I think the key to my success is that I never accept satisfaction in myself,” Wehr said. “I am hard on myself, sometimes too hard, but in the ends it’s worth it. At practice I take in every bit of knowledge I can. There is so much to learn in this game. You have to put the work in.”

What’s even more impressive is the fact that Wehr has transitioned to a new role for the Greyhounds after being a catcher during her high school days. The switch has been seamless.

“A transition for me was transitioning to a position in right field to step up and fill a role that my team needed to be filled,” Wehr said. “College softball may change the way you view the game.

“Now it’s about playing where you most benefit the team, not necessarily where you are used to playing and that’s OK. That’s where a sense of maturity has to come into play.”

In hopes of achieving the Greyhounds’ goals of a Landmark championship and NCAA title, she’ll play wherever she is asked and do whatever is needed. That’s been the type of player Wehr has always been.

“For our teams overall success, we have a great pitching staff and great teammates who back each other up offensively and defensively,” Wehr said. “We hold each other accountable for everything and that’s what makes us great teammates.

“Our team goals are to win a conference championship and a national championship. We aren’t done until we have completed every challenge we have set for ourselves.”