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Sunday, January 20, 2019

No traffic during bonfire

Thursday, April 5, 2018 by Elsa Kerschner in Local News

Use of the recreation field facilities was first on the agenda at the March 28 meeting of the Northwestern Recreation Commission.

Football boosters want to have its annual bonfire on Oct. 18, the day before the Northern Lehigh game.

If they do not clean up, they have to pay caretaker Jim Hughes to do the work.

A problem developed last year when people continued to drive past even after the fire was started.

Todd Hernandez suggested they give notice to other teams to pass the word that it will not be allowed. He said when they forbid cars from going past last year some people became irate.

The Northwestern Youth Athletic Association requested the use of the pavilion for a Grasshopper picnic June 9, with a rain date of June 10.

There is a possible conflict when the USAA wants to play May 25 and 26. At this time they have submitted only an informal request. The commission will wait for a formal request.

Sarah Suttler of Christian Athletes wants the field pavilion and volleyball court on May 19, with a rain date of May 26 for a volleyball tournament.

In other matters, the recreation commission decided to leave the field across the creek as two small fields instead of trying to make one large field by leveling the area as discussed during the annual spring walk-around. The NYAA had a voice in that decision.

Hughes said maintenance is on track. Trees are being trimmed. He had to purchase three new garbage cans and chose ones of a heavier gauge. Lids were less expensive when purchased from another company.

High school students were asked to not park on the street and have complied, Hughes said.

Hughes asked if he could buy a chain saw. Due to the risk, the insurance company will be contacted.

The spray program proposal was received and reviewed by the superintendent at Justin Smith’s Old Homestead Golf Club.

He recommended the first two which are fertilizing and weed and grass killer. Spray for grubs need not be done unless they are seen, and then the fall fertilizing will be needed.

Eric Andreus, resource manager for Nestle Waters North America, said he has an additional check for the commission of $2,500 with the money to go toward the walking trail. He was not able to attend the meeting on March 28.