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Monday, December 17, 2018

Chosen Words

Wednesday, February 28, 2018 by The Press in Opinion

A tribute to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Parkland, Fla.

Our hearts are with you Parkland,

Our tears are flowing, too;

It’s inconceivable, the atrocity,

That was brazenly cast on you.

It’s hard to understand why such

A monstrous thing took place;

To kill 17 people

Is a pure and sad disgrace!

The children never had a chance

To hide or get away,

But the heroes stood in front of them

And took the shots that strayed.

In every situation, there are heroes to be found,

And you discovered many, as you took a look around.

As you gaze upon the empty chairs

Which remind you of that day,

Remember all the children

Who, sadly, could not stay.

Remember all their smiles,

Or their jokes that made you laugh.

Think about your time with them,

And all the fun you had.

To the families of those who lost their lives,

Our prayers go out to you;

I can’t imagine all the suffering

You must be going through.

Every time you say their name,

Or say a prayer for them;

Remind them there will be a day

When you will meet again.

The shooter was a sick man,

He planned this for so long!

How could he not know what he planned

Was absolutely wrong?

As to the man who did this?

He will pay the price!

He will serve his penance

For the lives he sacrificed!

I know that does not ease your pain,

Of that I’m very clear;

But with God’s help, he’ll soothe you,

And comfort all your fears.

God Bless You!

Shirley Binkley

Cedar View Apartments