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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Letter to The Editor

Wednesday, January 17, 2018 by The Press in Opinion

Writer offended by Editor’s View

To The Editor:

The Editor’s View by Deb Palmieri titled “My New Year’s Wish for 2018,” in the Jan. 4 Parkland Press offends me.

It is very upsetting that women are being questioned by a woman in a position of influence, being accused of seeking a moment of fame and/or not telling the truth.

Obviously the writer has never been in a vulnerable position where screaming, physically retaliating or running away are not viable options.

As a naïve 16 year old, I experienced harassment by a much older male who was my boss. All the women in my workplace had the same experience.

But we all needed our jobs so we made a pact to never let him get any one of us alone.

The #metoo movement dramatically showed us how many generations of women in all walks of life have been harassed and abused.

The editor says the allegations destroyed careers, lives and reputations. The harassment also destroyed the victim’s self-confidence, career aspirations and trust in men.

Now we are still being questioned, made to feel guilty for standing up for ourselves and future generations of young women.

For myself, I thank the women who came forward, including one of the first, Anita Hill, who was questioned and disbelieved.

These brave women exposed a conspiracy of acceptance and silence and opened themselves and their families to ridicule and judgment.

These who would not be silenced have empowered women of all ages and occupations to take back their honor and dignity.

I, too, wish this new year that every woman be empowered with a knowledge of her self-worth regardless of her age, occupation, or race.

I hope everyone will work to create an atmosphere of mutual respect which will enable women and men to live and work in equality and understanding.

Ellen Legg