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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

New board member added

Thursday, May 25, 2017 by Elsa Kerschner in Local News

Three people, Chad Christman, Shawn Wanamaker and Gary Van Norman, applied for the position of Washington Township supervisor after the resignation of Gerald Phillips.

Norman, who was chosen and was seated at the May 2 meeting, will fill out Phillips term for the remaining seven months.

“Thank you for the opportunity,” he told the audience and his fellow board members.

Norman had to resign from the planning commission and applications for that position are being accepted.

There were two lot line adjustments: one on Mack Lane between 3337 and 3371 received preliminary-final approval and one for Theresa Jones between 7361 and 7365, Route 873. Since she requested several waivers, her approval was conditional.

Todd Weidman, township manager, recommended both motions.

Sherry Graver, emergency management coordinator, said the fire safety campaign will begin again with a meeting at the Emerald Fire Company at 9 a.m. and installation of smoke detectors at 10 a.m.

A thank-you letter was received from Meals on Wheels for the township donation.

The letter said 464 residents receive help from the program in Lehigh County.

Meals on Wheels in the township has been operating 46 years.

An amendment was approved setting the amounts fire companies can charge for a call. In the future this can be set by resolution.

Jennifer Karetsky representing Friedens baseball said the fundraisers the group sponsors barely covers costs, including $500 for PPL, $100 to the fire department, installing running water, fixing the fence and $710 to replace a garage door.

The playground is very minimal and she would like to add to it. Equipment is limited and needs additions.

A sportsmen’s bingo will be offered 5:30 p.m. June 10 at Friedens.

Supervisor Josh Friebolin said they would not give an answer that night but appreciated the problem was brought to their attention.

Friedens Fire Chief Joel Merkel said the three fire companies want to sit down for a discussion with Weidman and the three supervisors. A date will be scheduled.

Merkel reported firefighters went to a resident where the owner had set a bonfire and now the man wants to sue the fire company for being on his property.

He said firefighters are reluctant to respond to calls for fear of being sued.

Solicitor John Ashley said there are not many times when a fire company can be sued because they are immune from most lawsuits.

If action is taken, the issue can be turned over to the insurance company.

Trash was found dumped alongside the road. It contained a modem that can be traced and the person doing the dumping can be found.

Previously the police checked incidents such as this but now they say the secretary has to trace it.

Supervisors said residents should report such incidents and they will pick up the trash.

Resident Ed Ziegler said the situation could fall under the littering law if the person is caught and fines could be levied.

Township clean up day is scheduled for 8 a.m. to noon June 3. Large items not picked up by the garbage collector may be brought to the township building.

There will be a fee for some items. A list is available on the township website.