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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Chosen Words

Thursday, March 30, 2017 by The Press in Opinion

We’re sitting here awaiting, the winter’s last snowfall,

Despite the peril it can bring, we always watch in awe.

The silence of the falling flakes

As they descend upon the lakes;

It casts a spell upon us all, as we sit here and watch them fall.

The snowfall is so humbling, so pure, so fresh, so white;

We almost hate to see it go, but it will soon take flight.

It must make way for summer; it mixes our emotions.

We start to think about the warmth and all the summer notions.

The colors bursting everywhere, as flowers nudge the ground,

The trees andshrubs erupting, the fragrances abound.

With love in bloom, the birds in flight, the gardens so prolific,

The skies so blue, the sun so bright, i t simply sounds terrific.

A lovely time of year, no doubt, but it, too, won’t last long

And snow will once again be here before too very long!

As we slip back to winter, our thoughts again turn cold.

We think about the ice and snow and suddenly feel old.

The seasons come and go too fast; it happens to us all.

And here we are, just like before, awaiting the last snowfall.

Shirley Binkley Cedar View Apartments