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Friday, July 3, 2020
Press photo by Chuck HixsonUniforms pictured are (left to right): Sunday home uniform, road uniform, batting practice uniform, home uniform, Friday night home uniform and Saturday home uniform. Press photo by Chuck HixsonUniforms pictured are (left to right): Sunday home uniform, road uniform, batting practice uniform, home uniform, Friday night home uniform and Saturday home uniform.

IronPigs partner with uniform maker Majestic

Wednesday, April 6, 2016 by chuck hixson Special to the Press in Sports

Two local companies are teaming up in a partnership that will have implications for Major League Baseball.

The Lehigh Valley IronPigs announced an agreement with uniform maker Majestic that will give players the same materials and styles worn by players in the majors.

Majestic, the official supplier of uniforms for MLB, is known for its innovation in materials and research and development into uniform styles to make today’s players more comfortable on the field, while providing durable materials that can take the beating of a major league season.

The agreement will also allow Majestic to use the IronPigs as sort of Guinea Pigs to test new materials, which will be identical in style to the other uniforms, but will have subtle differences in materials or the cut of the uniform as they experiment with ideas to make players as comfortable as possible.

Majestic points out that the new jerseys incorporate a new twill fabric that makes the jerseys 10 to 20 percent lighter. They have a cooling air belt and mesh panel ventilation zone on the side of the jerseys and a fabric that wicks moisture away from the player’s body.

The jerseys and pants also have fabrics that prevent the tucked in part of the jersey from bunching, while also helping to keep it tucked in when the player moves.

Just two years ago, Lehigh Valley introduced some new designs for Friday, Saturday and Sunday home games and those uniforms, along with the road uniforms for the team have had their logos and color schemes tweaked to coincide with the new agreement.

The classic white home uniforms worn during the week will remain the same in style, but will incorporate the new Majestic fabrics worn by major league players.

The Friday night uniforms, previously all black, will now incorporate Storm Grey pants into the uniform, tying in with grey in the jersey logo.

“We didn’t plan on incorporating gray into the Friday night uniforms, but as we saw the Storm Grey modeled for us and saw how it looked, we thought ‘wow, that’s really kind of neat,’” said IronPigs GM Kurt Landes.

The IronPigs and Arizona Diamondbacks will be the only teams in either the majors or minors incorporating Majestic’s Storm Grey into their uniform designs.

The Saturday jerseys have dropped the Pigs script on the front in favor of a Bacon USA logo of red, white and blue on the classic red jersey.

The Sunday jerseys, always an ode to the classic powder blue Phillies jerseys of the ‘70s and ‘80s, have now taken on a Phillies style font from that era across the jersey, while maintaining the Phillies powder blue color.

Landes pointed out that the IronPigs will be the only minor league team to have this agreement with Majestic, making their players the only players in the minors to wear what are basically major league style uniforms.

Representatives from Majestic will have access to the IronPigs players to discuss the good and bad parts of the uniform materials and cuts. It’s likely that in any given game, at least a couple players will be wearing uniforms made of different materials than other players, as Majestic tests new fabrics for durability, washability and comfort.

“This agreement really only makes sense for us, because of our proximity to Majestic,” explained Landes. “Logistically, it simply wouldn’t make sense for a team in, say Michigan, to have an arrangement like this.”

Also new this season will be blue batting practice jerseys, which will have Pigs on the front, with the ‘P’ in the current style of the Phillies font and a star dotting the ‘I’, just as on the Phillies current jerseys. Players will also don new casual t-shirt styles, shorts, training jackets and hoodies for pre-game warmups.

All of the styles will be available at the Majestic Clubhouse Store at Coca-Cola Park, which the IronPigs claim is the most visited merchandise store in Minor League Baseball.