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Sunday, May 31, 2020

PIAA football proposals continue to move along

Thursday, June 18, 2015 by PETER CAR in HS Sports

The PIAA's Strategic Planning and Football Steering Committee presented eight different classification proposals last month for athletic directors to chew on in regards to the future of high school football across the state of Pennsylvania.

All of the proposals passed the first reading during the May 20 meeting, which Whitehall Athletic Director and District 11 chairman Bob Hartman fully expected.

"The PIAA just wants to keep things moving along," Hartman said. "We'll meet again in July and go from there, but as of right now, there's nothing official."

The four proposals include:

1. The current four-classification alignment.

2. A six-classification alignment.

3. Six classes with a "Super 700" class of all schools with male enrollments of 700 as determined by the PIAA.

4. Six classes with a "Super 800" class, as defined above.

The committee also offered different versions of the four proposals with tweaks as stated in their meeting minutes, "the possibility of classifying schools using their submitted enrollment numbers and 10 percent of the other submitted home school; alternative school; magnet school; technology school; charter school and cyber charter school numbers to determine their classification and to review the enrollment classification parameters of schools as outlined."

That paragraph can alter the classification of every school and compiling a list of where schools can end up in each classification is futile at this point, as Hartman pointed out that schools will have new enrollment numbers in October.

The different versions of the four proposals will add numbers to a respective schools classification, which could bump them up a class.

As of now, Hartman agreed that there is progress in the situation and he will hold a press conference in the coming weeks to spell out all the proposals. It's scheduled for Tuesday, June 16.

The PIAA's next Strategic Planning meeting is board of directors meeting on July 22. At that point, the proposals could be passed to a second reading, tabled or dead.

"We're still nowhere really, but there is progress," Hartman said. "The ball is rolling, but there's still a lot of bumps in the road."