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Wednesday, April 10, 2013 by PHOTO BY EMMA CHONG in Focus

Your look ahead at Valley Arts

Tales of brave "Ulysses": Touchstone Theatre heads outdoors for spring to premiere its latest original work, "Ulysses Dreams: An Exploration of Origin and Destiny," April 13 - 21, South Bethlehem Greenway Amphitheater, along Mechanic Street, between Polk and Taylor streets, Bethlehem. A cast of 10 interprets the text by Jp Jordan and Christopher Shorr, based on Homer's "Iliad" and "Odyssey," and choreography by Bill George, Gus Ripa and the performers, including, Bill George (Old Ulysses), above left, and Kyle Lewis (Young Ulysses), above right. In addition to Touchstone Ensemble members and apprentices, the troupe is rounded out with former Touchstone collaborators and community performers, including Jack Armstrong, Touchstone's "A Resting Place"; Teague Fernandez, Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Arts; Susan Chase, former Touchstone ensemble member; and Felix Mayes, recent Muhlenberg College graduate. The expanded company also includes a six-member band led by Music Director Kevin O'Boyle ("Follies"). Jordan, Touchstone Artistic Director, oversees direction of the project, from co-writing the original text and music, to co-designing the production, to music rehearsals. Performances are noon, 4 p.m. April 13, 24. 20, 21. Tickets:, 610-867-1689

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Fifth Wheels: This month, America On Wheels Museum (AOW), 5 N. Front St., Allentown celebrates its fifth anniversary. A new exhibit, "Wonderful Woodies of Years Gone By," opens April 13, featuring a 1941 Hudson Super Six, 1914 Model T Ford, 1947 Nash Suburban, 1951 English Ford Pilot and a 1942 Buick Estate Wagon, above. "These wood-bodied cars possess style and character," says Alan Gross, Museum Exhibit Chair. The museum has been treating families, students and tourists to exhibits showcasing motorcycles, bicycles, cars and trucks since April 2008. "The museum has seen wonderful growth over these five years, including the Restoration Learning Center, the Auto Art Gallery and the HubCap Café," says Linda Merkel, AOW Executive Director. At the Learning Center, visitors view the creative and restoration processes involved in returning classic vehicles to their original state of grandeur. Also open this month is an exhibit of pedal cars owned by Loren Hulber. Events include: April 13: Annual Slot Car Show; April 20: Fifth Birthday Community Celebration; noon - 3 p.m. April 21: Bulldog Beauty Contest, Pet Blessing, Dog Look-A-Like Contest; and noon - 4 p.m. April 28: Safety Square Event. Information:, 610-432-4200

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